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Solar Power

Decrease your electricity costs
Minimise your impact on the environment
Get paid for surplus energy you produce

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Learn About Solar Power

Contribute to a sustainable future with renewable energy
Experience fewer power outages due to a more reliable energy source
Increase the property value of your home due to sustainable initiatives

Why Embrace Solar Power?

Photovoltaics (PV), or solar electricity panels, harness the energy from the sun and convert it into usable electricity for your household. By installing these panels, you’re capable of generating your own green electricity.

What is the mechanism behind solar panels?
Solar PV panels are composed of numerous unique cells made from semi-conducting layers, usually silicon. The energy flow, or electricity, is created when light illuminates this material.

The operation of these cells doesn’t require direct sunlight and they can still function on overcast days. Nevertheless, the intensity of the sunshine does impact the volume of electricity produced.

Solar PV systems are formed by assembling several panels together, with each panel producing approximately 355W of power under potent sunlight. A typical system consists of around 10 panels and generates direct current (DC) electricity. Because household devices require alternating current (AC), an inverter is incorporated into the system to transform the DC electricity into AC. This electricity is then available for use in your house, or it can be fed back into the grid.