For more than 140 years, Vaillant has been setting the standards in the heating market, creating products that have revolutionised the industry, from water heaters in the early 1900s, to pioneering the combi boiler over 35 years ago. The Vaillant Group has a growing focus on products and systems that use renewable energy, specifically in regard to heat pumps, which utilise the heat from the earth or the ambient air, and solar thermal systems. The development of innovative energy-saving Hybrid systems which combine renewable energies with heating appliances to create highly efficient and intelligent systems, is also a key focus area for the business. Now established as one of the worlds leading manufacturers of environment-friendly heating and air-conditioning technology, sustainability plays an integral role in the Vaillant Groups activities. Home and world climate are inseparable and modern heating technology can today make an important contribution to achieving climate protection targets at the same time as helping customers all over the world in saving energy. In the UK alone, replacing an old heating system with a new high efficiency boiler can save more than 30 % of energy a year, and reduce CO2 emissions by a corresponding 30%. Sustainable heating is central to the Vaillant Group and its operation. Vaillant sets the standard in developing systems which utilise sustainable sources of energy. This ensure they are able to offer simple, efficient, healthy and energy saving solutions for all their customers heating and hot water needs.


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