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What they do..

And how they can save your business money.

An energy consultant (sometimes called a renewable energy consultant) is a specialist energy expert who advises businesses, large and small, on how to more efficiently save energy in their overall operations.

Energy consultants are highly qualified in the fields of both sustainability and energy efficiency and, using specialist analysis, knowledge of current technologies that produce renewable and sustainable energies, can often reduce a business’s energy usage and costs exponentially. With so much emphasis on global warming these days and its impact on our planet, as well as ever more stringent environmental regulations on carbon emissions, businesses can no longer ignore the need to save energy and help lower our carbon footprint. The demand for renewable energies, therefore, has never been greater and this has seen energy consultancy grow into a new and global industry.

The ultimate goal of an energy consultant is, of course, to reduce energy consumption and increase efficiency, both of which can save your business money. Alternative options for saving energy within utility usage isn’t the only way in which an energy consultant can save you money, they will also be up to speed on tax incentives and other governmental schemes that reward greener businesses with green certifications, all of which can be of significant financial benefit to your bottom line.

To start saving energy, money (and the planet!), browse through our list of top rated Energy Consultants below.